Absolute Life Solutions LLC DBA Absolute Dental Temporary Services

Terms & Conditions

Minimum Booking fee:

Due to traveling and scheduling ADS hygiene subs need to be compensated for a minimum of an 8 hour day at $300 fee. 

If they are released prior to the 8 hour day the client/practice will still be charged for a minimum of an 8 hour day at $300 fee.

Cancellation Policy:

If an ADS hygiene sub booking needs to be cancelled, it must be cancelled atleast 48 hours prior to the booking scheduled by a client/practice. If a cancellation is made in less than 48 hours of  a booking the client/practice will be charged  a cancellation fee equivalent to one full day of hygiene sub service, $300.


Payment for hygiene sub service is due the day of  service provided or if multiple days are booked in a week payment is due the last day of service provided in that scheduled week.

Payment for hygiene sub service can be prepaid at  booking on the ADS website,  absolutedentalstaffing.com

Payments can be made by direct bank transfer, credit card, or pay pal.

ADS subs are not to be placed on the client/practice payroll.

ADS subs are 1099 contractors. 

Sub Availability:

All sub bookings are determined by sub availability and location. Additional charges for long distance traveling may apply.

Risk Management:

Clients/practices/hygiene subs will be provided an ADS Risk Management Policy Manual and expected to follow OSHA regulations if an accident or incident should occur involving an ADS hygiene sub during the contract period.