Who we are…

ADTS is an dental temping service like no other in SC. Our temps are long standing employees with a proven track record of excellence. We are a team with a united goal to support thriving dental practices to run smooth and stay productive in the absence of a staff member. 

How it works…

    • You call your local ADTS leader when you need a temporary staff member. We discuss your needs and preferences.
    • We email you a provider agreement to authorize.
    • Once authorized ADTS will schedule an available temp to work in your office as needed. Our temps can call you to introduce themselves and discuss any special instructions for your office.
    • We provide your office with temp credentials, ADTS 1099, HIPAA agreement, and a copy of our insurance. Our employees are covered under our professional liability, unemployment insurance, and workman’s compensation. 
    • At the end of each week ADTS will email a Quickbooks invoice for the work performed. Clients can mail payment or pay online through their invoice.